Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gratitude 7

64. Book club night
65. Bright white cloud mountains in a fierce blue autumn sky
66. Playtime with Pippin
67. Baby laughter
68. Pippin's singing
69. Gleaning details about the school day from Merry. I was asking him what happened in math that day, and when he told me "we read a book" I was grateful for the reply but slightly skeptical of its accuracy. But that just happened to be the day of curriculum night, and the teacher specifically mentioned the book that she'd used during the math segment that day. Presume competence!
70. Sweet baby smell
71. Merry snuggles after school
72. Family hikes (Wallace Falls State Park!)
73. Morning nature walks in the crisp air
74. Dahlias
75. Good decaf coffee. I realize this is an oxymoron to many, but when I suspect another cup of the real thing will throw off Bella's sleeping, it takes the edge off nicely.
76. Every single dry day as the late autumn rains loom closer
77. The golden glory of Pippin's hair catching the sunlight
78. Bella giggles
79. A month into kindergarten, it's going almost too smoothly to believe (I had so much kindergarten anxiety, and I'm still surfing the wave)
80. Quiet babbles in the backseat as Bella joins the car conversations
81. Bedtime snuggles with Pippin
82. Bedtime snuggles with Merry
83. Merry's first attempt at writing a sentence
84. Morning snuggles with Merry (rare these days!)
85. The breathtaking beauty of a tree on the way to the bus stop: green, yellow, and crimson at the same time.
86. A visit from my amazing sister!
87. Pippin trying (and liking!) new foods at a sushi lunch with Auntie
88. Pippin attempting to eat seaweed salad with chopsticks