Friday, September 26, 2014

Writing Experiment

I'm trying something new now that we're getting back into the school routine and I can reliably and regularly have a few hours of relative down time. Each day while Merry is at school I'm sitting down with my laptop and a timer on my phone. 30 minutes to write and publish a blog post on whatever comes to mind that day. (not gonna pretend it's 30 minutes uninterrupted with Pippin wandering around on the floor, that's what pause buttons are for)

Like many avid bookworms I have literary ambitions, but while my head is full of ideas and dreams for novels and blog posts, years of 'oh I need to write more' have resulted in very few words on paper or screen. So even though the quality will be pretty shoddy on these half hour pieces, at least I'll be writing something, making habits, getting practice. Actual talent aside, I'll never be any kind of writer if I never write at all!

Hopefully I'll eventually expand to more writing with better quality and more purpose than practice, but baby steps for now.

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