Friday, August 26, 2016

Gratitude 3

13. Cool weather after a heat wave
14. Working with books
15. Baby's new trick: planking
16. Baby's new trick: wowowow yells (I can't figure out a better name for this, we pat her mouth while she yells, and she loves it)
17. The first hint of autumn colors
18. The kindergarten schedule we were hoping for. (Not our first choice, but the second best)
19.  A visit from the in-laws (this is not snark, they're great)
20. Asthma medicine
21. Bella's first word: "Bubba!"
22. Bella replacing her near-constant piercing screams with adorable babble
23. When I try to put Bella to sleep on my chest and she pulls back like she's going to fight it for a few seconds, then just thumps forward and passes out.

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