Friday, July 29, 2016

Moving the Goalposts

My record is far from perfect, but I've managed to keep up my "20 min writing each day" for longer than I expected. Since it hasn't even been a full month, that tells you just how much faith I had in myself starting out. But anyway, I'm changing the rules a bit.

Instead of 20 minutes writing every night, I'm going to give myself 30 min of 'mommy time', which can be writing, walking, or something else to help me center and refresh. (Facebook or mindless internetting does not count!) I've picked up on the Pokemon Go craze, because of course I have, and our dog is a huge fan of the extra walkies this entails. For awhile I was trying to fit in both writing and a Pok√©walk, but I was losing too much sleep and The Mess was getting even more out of hand than usual. So I will compromise, with this caveat: if the writing starts to take a backseat, I'll change things up again.

I'm having a hard time tracking when is the best time to write. Some evenings I'll leave it until the last minute only to find myself nearly brain dead. On the other hand, I started out this evening without two brain cells to rub together, but after food and housework accompanied by the inspiring Hamilton audiobook, changed my mind and sat down to this ramble right before bed. On rare days when Pippin and Bella are napping at the same time I can sneak away with the Chromebook, and those are good days. Maybe when school starts up I can pull off the daytime writing more often, but with half-day kindergarten I'm not going to hold my breath.

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