Saturday, July 2, 2016

Writing goals

I need to write more. That's a thought I have so often and don't act on that its ridiculous. So here's my attempt to change things around a bit. I'm going to try to write 20 minutes a day, every day. Could be a book review, could be a family update, could be random ramblings, could be an attempt at writing an actual story. The end goal is writing a novel, but it's so far off at this point that I'm just taking daily excursions before even attempting the foothills.

I'm pretty sure I've started this attempt before and failed after . . . a week? Less? So I've been wondering what stops me and what I can try to keep it up. I'm currently trying to decide whether it will be more helpful to publish posts as I go along to keep myself accountable, keep everything private because I'm going to be writing stupid stuff and do I really want to fill the internet with more stupid? or save posts as drafts for possibly publishing later if I decide they're worth sharing.

The last option sounds like the worst. Either publish all or hide all, otherwise I spend far too much time and stress over what's worth sharing or not. *deep breath* Lets go with share all, because its the scary option and doing scary things is a good mental exercise. I'll exempt any writing I do towards a story I might eventually try to take up seriously--even then maybe I'll update with a quick "I totally did writing today, yay me!"

Tip #1: Do not sit down with computer in front of children. That's an instant invitation to beg for videos or playtime and then I spend the entire 20 min refereeing. Hide upstairs, write after bedtime, or distract them with TV or tablet first.

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